Anxiety 101: Understanding Experiences of Fear and Anxiety

The interactive workshop aims to explore the intricate and vast workings of anxiety, aiming to deepen mental health professionals’ understanding of how to best navigate and assist clients with anxiety. The workshop aims to discuss the evolutionary function of anxiety and its biological roots to allow for a deeper understanding of how anxiety and fear function in different populations. Moreover, the workshop aims to help professionals understand the different “faces” of anxiety—how adults and children manifest anxiety differently, and how to differentiate anxiety from other difficult experiences. Furthermore, the workshop aims to illustrate various therapeutic interventions for anxiety as well as helping clients build resilience in managing difficult situations.


At the end of this 3-hour seminar-workshop, the participants would be able to:

  1. Understand the evolutionary and biological root cause of anxiety
  2. Differentiate the various types and manifestations of anxiety in children and adults
  3. Equip themselves or people under their care with protective factors against anxiety
  4. Be acquainted with therapeutic interventions for anxiety



Certificate of Completion

You will receive your Certificate of Completion immediately after completing the post-test and evaluation. We value your feedback and participation, and the certificate will be available to download as soon as you finish these final steps.