Anxiety 103: Inviting the Body to Therapy: Managing Anxiety Through Somatic Practices

Sometimes talking through our about anxiety might not feel like it’s enough. At times, quieting the thoughts can feel impossible. This interactive workshop aims to provide an experiential view of what it might be like to invite the body to therapy to manage anxiety. An exploration of the nervous system and the stress response will establish a framework of understanding on how physiological symptoms can exacerbate the experience of anxiety and how utilizing somatic interventions and strategies can help alleviate distress. The participants will have the opportunity to explore several somatic practices for regulating the nervous system, responding to bodily sensations, and tapping into the relationship of mind and body. 


At the end of this 3-hour seminar-workshop, the participants would be able to: 



Certificate of Completion

You will receive your Certificate of Completion immediately after completing the post-test and evaluation. We value your feedback and participation, and the certificate will be available to download as soon as you finish these final steps.